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Toner refill service
Laser Toner Replacement

Laser Cartridges: Remanufactured

Laser cartridges are a different technology than ink jet cartridges. Rather than using a liquid ink, they are filled with a powder, which without proper ventilation can become airborne. Due to health concerns, our laser cartridges are remanufactured locally at an off-site plant. Our laser cartridges are remanufactured from an original manufacturer core. For your convenience, we stock a wide selection of the more commonly used cartridges available for over the counter purchasing. If we don’t inventory your cartridge, we offer next business day availability. We don't require an empty for you to purchse, but welcome any empties dropped off as we reuse them.

We carry all toners in stock
Toners are ready right away
Save up to 60% over retail

Our laser cartridges offer print quality and page yields guaranteed to match the original brand name specifications. For some cartridges, our page yields far exceed that of the original brand name, all at vastly reduced prices.

About Think Refill

We are a 'one-off' Canadian owned and operated provider located in Mississauga, Ontario open since July 2005.

How have we survived in this competitive industry? Could it be?

  • Trained staff with extensive product knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
  • Quality products and services.
  • Environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Substantial monetary savings.
  • 30 day guarantee
Canadian Owned and Operated

Contact us for online toner sales and direct shipment!

Laser orders can be picked up at our warehouse:

160 Matheson Blvd E Unit 6
Mississauga, ON
L4Z 1V4
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